CubeBox e-Archive and DMS Price List




The number of users is the number of users who benefit from the system at the same time.



Product Features:


· Electronic Document Management System

· Digital Archive Management System

· Integration with LDAP / AD

· Search from content / search by parent

· Map local folders to the desired number of Smartdocs folders

· Individual and group based file encryption

· Advanced file / document version control. Ability to track changes made by other people in files in shared folders.

· Custom recycle bin, recycle from the recycle bin, recycle, emptying the box, showing the file in the recycle bin.

· Large data capacity

· Any type of file

· Use of metadata in PDF, PDF / A files and searching for metadata in the content

· Advanced authorization (reading, writing, running, listing, downloading, folder mapping, modification, deletion, search from content)

· Transfer to Smartdocs with AD / LDAP file / folder authorities

· Drag and drop to Smartdocs

· High precision OCR

· Searchable content in PDF, Word, etc. search files from image type files (png, bmp, jpeg, tiff, etc.) without converting them to document types

· Original file viewers / editors

· Email integration

· File and folder sharing with E-mail

· Folder / file sharing and authorization with desired users or groups

· Convert image format files to formats such as word, excel, pdf, text, html (OCR). To be able to provide OCR transactions centrally for the entire organization or business

· Folder and file-list paging, on which the Windows file explorer is free of constraints, eg 10 million files / folders under a folder.

· Save User Logs.

· Multilingual interface.

· Protect user habits with Windows file explorer-like interfaces.


 CubeBox e-Archive and Document Management System

Detailed Features:

  • Ability to search in the document content and the document top data, making detailed search in the document top data

    Very fast searching

    Unlimited document top data category

    Pre-view results

    Billions of document storage capacity (all archival materials including multimedia content)

    EBYS Integration possibility (a first with pull and push topologies)

    Advanced technological infrastructure supported by Tubitak