Document Digitizing Process


Today, everything from shopping to teaching is done right online via the World Wide Web. With the Internet becoming the most convenient and easily accessible data transfer mode, the need to convert data to digital formats has increased. A separate business line that provides document digitization services has emerged to fulfill the demand of customers who want to convert documents to digital format. Flatworld Solutions is one of the pioneers of this business area.

It is very important to understand exactly what the document digitization is and why it is necessary especially in the corporate world.

What is document digitization?

Document conversion is the processing of paper documents into digital format conversion. You can protect your documents by converting your documents to digital format. Services that are allied with this conversion are called Document Digitization Services. Any type of document or data, from texts, pictures, audio, video, business cards, books, periodicals to newspapers, can be digitized and transformed into:

Digital formats such as text, html, xml, pdf, doc, xls, giff, jpeg, tiff and mdb

Any media such as a CD, cassette, or Zip disk

In addition, digitized documents can be shared with anyone, regardless of geographic location, through data sharing tools such as Internet, FTP, VPN and Telnet.

Which Documents Should be Digitized ?

Screening of one hundred percent of your documents may not provide the most cost-effective solution for your situation. We provide intelligent scanning based on the access requirements for different document types.

Frequently accessed documents or document elements - such as a customized coverage page for an insurance policy - are always scanned. A well-designed, selective scanning program can provide dramatic reductions in conversion costs while meeting document access requirements.

OCR Expertizing

Store valuable documents in digital format

Secube Informatics offers complete, cost effective digitization solution. We help in the production of archival digital images. State of the art technology converts data from any source such as digital, typewriter or manuscript into a specific digital format. Documents are scanned, as required, by Over Book Scanners, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Scanners, and Desktop Scanners. Each page is scanned with iThresholding, which automatically adjusts brightness and contrast for scanned documents. The software corrects auto-cropping, auto-orientation, color perceptions and background color, and significantly reduces the digitization time.

Our method of digitization

Documents Received, Inventory Preparation, Document Scanning, Image Processing, Quality Control, Warehouse Transfer

Secube Bilişim also offers special digitization services for rare books. It is equipped with high quality production scanners and a Bookeye head scanner. Bookeye is ideal for capturing affiliate documents - rare books, ancient manuscripts, and archive content. The documents remain intact on the scanning surface. They do not need to be connected, disconnected or carefully placed.

All your digital data - now in one place

Secube Informatics offers DMS, a unique archiving library that libraries can protect intellectual work. It is a solid, cloud-based platform and guarantees 99.99% working time. All data stored in the DMS can work together. It is an investment-free solution for creating a digital library.

What is OCR ?

"OCR", "Optik Karakter Tanıma" nın kısaltmasıdır, bir görüntünün bir kağıt belgeden yakalanması ve ardından metnin bu görüntüden "çıkarıldığı" işlemi açıklanmaktadır.

Bu nedenle, kağıt belgeler düzenlenebilir bilgisayar dosyalarına dönüştürülür. Tam da metin algılamanın anlamı şudur: metinleri yeniden girmeksizin bilgisayarınıza girme. Sonuçta, bilgisayarlar kadar etkili, önce bilgilerinizi girmeniz gerekiyor!

OCR Advantages and More...

Document recognition is 40 times faster than manual rewriting. Just to mention number one: A (very) fast secretary of 200 characters per minute, the fastest OCR software knows about 1,600 characters in a "good" computer.

Readiris 16 automatically converts paper from paper documents, images, or PDF files into fully editable files, without having to do tedious rewriting!

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology used in Readiris 16 keeps the original page layout and provides very accurate document recognition.

This software will make it easy to convert PDF to Word, images to text, PDF to Excel, multiple PDFs and much more!

30+ year expert on OCR and ICR

IRIS introduced the first OCR engine in 1987, and has always been a world leader in OCR technology. More than 250 software companies use I.R.I. recognition tools in their products and solutions.

Readiris software has always been the flagship of IRI's OCR. It is used by institutions around the world and is seen as an industry leader at the moment.

Since 2013, IRIS The Canon group became a proud member.

Get your Readiris 16
I.R.I.S.' flagship OCR software comes in two versions.


Thanks to its OCR capability, it is possible to convert image files to any type of text format, thanks to version control feature, which users can view and change when, how to recover files accidentally deleted by users thanks to a special recycle box, Digital Archive, Advanced Electronic Document Management System, Data Security, Fast access to non-structural data