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Electronic Signature & Biometric Signature / MICR Code Capture

Ending the era of wet-ink signature and faxing in banking orders.   With SignCUBE®, we allow customers to sign documents electronically and freely wherever you may be around the world.

For customers who seek for a more secure electronic solution, our biometric signature solution SignatureCUBE® s might save you the trouble.

Checkout our services for digitalising physical archives.

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Code Capturing Application

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology helps to protect legitimacy and originality of the physical documents. Some characters in the original document are printed with a special ink which are responsive to magnetic fields. Each character produces a unique waveform which is read and translated by the MICR read head.

MICR fonts, also known as banking fonts, standardised in numerous ways. It is widely used in tha finance industry.

MICR fonts usually can be found at the very end of the financial documents or cheques. In so many countries, MICR font standards are E-13B and CMC-7. In Turkey however, E-13B is utilised.

The data coded with the MICR fonts appear at the bottom third of the documents.
Forgery of cheques are minimised with the usage of MICR fonts. We can use it to detect forged documents.
For data that is filled either with hand writing or printing, there needs to be nothing marked on top of the MICR characters.  

In most cases, there are only a little attention and care among entities for correct usage of MICR characters. Therefore, lower success rates for MICR character recognition/reading systems should not be a surprise.

Another problem is capturing quality. MICR fonts differ in many ways from other fonts which make it harder for OCR data capturing systems to capture data. For example, 1 bit depth scanning or under 100 DPI scanning isn't beneficient to capture these data.
Secube® Technology's MICR data capturing system has advanced image processing techniques which allows users to capture MICR fonts even when it is 1 bit depth scanning or under 100 DPI documents.

For our incredible references for development under OCR/ICR subjects click here.

Secube® MICR read/detection system properties:

Success : 99 %
Capture speed : < 200 ms
Development languages : C# and C++
Multithreading : Multithreading / multitasking
Framework : .Net Framework 4.6
Usage : API or Windows Service
Operating system : Windows/Linux
Web services : WCF ve Restful API
Licensing options : Incase of an API or a server license limited or limitless

Project Description

SECUBE® Technology develops end to end products in the banking industry. Biometric signature and electronic signature, which are widely used solutions in Europe and USA today, can be supplied by Secube Technology quality.

  • Electronic Signature Application
  • Biometric Signature Application
  • Signature Asset Determination and Comparison Software
  • consultancy
  • Cheque MICR Code Reading Application
  • Cheque, invoice, dispatch note, Document Digitalisation ( ICR / OCR / OMR ) detecting documents in over 190+ languages. Central Europe, Baltic and Slavic languages included all American or European languages are supported. Hebrew and 4 main Asia languages which are Japonese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Korean.
  • Fast and Flexible Applications
  • With our compressing technology, we can offer documents to be compressed up to 20 times without sacrificing any quality.